Ordering Your Saddle

This is a checklist to make sure you have everything we need to place your order for your Custom Handmade CTK Saddle


What we need to know to make your custom CTK Saddle

1. Model of Saddle: _______________________________


2. Color you want your saddle to be: ___________ (Color Swatch  1, 2, 3, 4 or  5 ) or  Two-Tone______ & ________ Seat Color 


3. Seat Size: ________ (Please remember Colombian saddles are measured differently, it is best to go one size up from your current seat size, if you need help please ask.)

Smooth Leather_______ or Rough Out Leather_________


4. Rider Information:

A. Weight________________

B. Height________________

C. Inseam________________

D. Women, pant size________


5. Stirrup Style Choice:

A. Open Leather Wrapped________________________

B. Open Metal with Rubber Insole_________________

C. Tapaderos Over Leather Wrapped________________

D. Tapaderos Over Metal with Rubber Insole_________

E. Metal Irons______ 35mm _______ 60mm _________ Color (Brown)_____ (Black)______

F. Aluminum Stirrups ESCA01 _________ ESCA02 ________ ESCA03 __________


6. Extras:

A. Leather Cinch Straps (Upgrade cost $88.00)___________

B. Underside of saddle

1. Leather, Standard ______________

2. Rough Out Leather _____________ Upgrade, no charge

3. 100% Wood Felt _______________ Upgrade Charge of $120.00

4. 100% Sheepskin _______________ Upgrade Charge of $120.00


7. Accessories Desired (Prices on Web Site)

Please Enter Model #

A. Jaquima _________________

B. Saddle Bags ______________

C. Breast Collar _____________

D. Headstall _________________

E. Saddle Pad ________________


8. Photos Needed at Time of Placing Order: (please make sure we can see the most of the horse)

A. Standing off center looking at the shoulder to the loin, measure wire in place must be seen.______

B. Profile of entire horse standing at shoulder with measure wire in place.________

C. Picture of Wire Measurement Trace. _______ (wire is traced underside of the curve, the measurement is taken 3” from center straight down, then across the bottom , use a 16” wire please)


9. Breed of Horse ______________________ Gaited (Tree No Twist) _____________ Non- Gaited or Trotting Horse (Twist) ________________ Hand placement photos must be included


10. The standard size of the cinch that comes with you saddle is 32″.  If you need a different size please let us know ___________”


What happens once you have your checklist completed and pictures ready for your order:

A $150.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time your order is placed.  This is the import and customs fee and is added to the price of your saddle.   Once your Order is placed your saddle will be handmade by CTK Saddlery in Colombia, once completed it will be sent into the states within 6 to 10 weeks. Your saddle will have to go through customs twice after it reaches the states, once in Miami and once again in either Charlotte or Knoxville.   Once I receive your saddle from CTK, I will call you and give you the exact shipping cost that it will take to send your saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddles to your home or office (the shipping added to the price of your saddle, and is not refundable). Once your final payment (Saddle order cost plus shipping) is made,  I will send your saddle to you through FedEx and it will require a signature, this keeps your saddle safe.  If you prefer USPS we can make that arrangement as well.

Once you get your saddle you have 5 days to make sure your saddle fits your horse and you properly.  If you are not 100% satisfied please let me know right away, I will refund the price of the saddle only (importing and shipping fees are never refunded, as that is money spent to get your saddle to you) or have your saddle remade!  After the 5 days are up, refunds are not permitted.  Please make sure when you are trying your new saddle on your horse to protect the bottom of the saddle from getting dirty or full of hair.  Also please make sure you are using a different cinch for the same reason.  If the saddle has any wear, abuse or is damaged in anyway I cannot refund or remake your saddle. The shipping of your saddle back to Sycamore Creek Saddles is paid for by you, I can not reimburse for shipping.  If you have any questions concerning our refunding, exchange or return policy please contact me and I will answer your questions.

When you are fully satisfied with your new CTK Saddle would you please send us a picture of you and your horse with your CTK Saddle. Sometimes we like to post them on our Facebook page or on our website.  I will keep your personal information confidential.  If you prefer I not post them I will not, but I would still like to have a picture for my own records.  Happy satisfied horse people keep me going and enjoying what I do.

Thank you for choosing Sycamore Creek Saddles, your North American CTK Representative.  Handmade High Quality Leather Gaited and Non-Gaited Saddles.