This is a checklist to make sure you have everything we need to place your order for your Custom Handmade CTK Saddle


What we need to know to make your custom CTK Saddle

1. Model of Saddle: _______________________________


2. Color you want your saddle to be: ___________ (Color Swatch  1, 2, 3, 4 or  5 ) or  Two-Tone______ & ________ Seat Color 


3. Seat Size: ________ (Please remember Colombian saddles are measured differently, it is best to go one size up from your current seat size, if you need help please ask.)

Smooth Leather_______ or Rough Out Leather_________


4. Rider Information:

A. Weight________________

B. Height________________

C. Inseam________________

D. Women, pant size________


5. Stirrup Style Choice:

A. Open Leather Wrapped________________________

B. Open Metal with Rubber Insole_________________

C. Tapaderos Over Leather Wrapped________________

D. Tapaderos Over Metal with Rubber Insole_________

E. Metal Irons______ 35mm _______ 60mm _________ Color (Brown)_____ (Black)______

F. Aluminum Stirrups ESCA01 _________ ESCA02 ________ ESCA03 __________


6. Extras:

A. Leather Cinch Straps (Upgrade cost $88.00)___________

B. Underside of saddle

1. Leather, Standard ______________

2. Rough Out Leather _____________ Upgrade, no charge

3. 100% Wood Felt _______________ Upgrade Charge of $120.00

4. 100% Sheepskin _______________ Upgrade Charge of $120.00


7. Accessories Desired (Prices on Web Site)

Please Enter Model #

A. Jaquima _________________

B. Saddle Bags ______________

C. Breast Collar _____________

D. Headstall _________________

E. Saddle Pad ________________


8. Photos Needed at Time of Placing Order: (please make sure we can see the most of the horse)

A. Standing off center looking at the shoulder to the loin, measure wire in place must be seen.______

B. Profile of entire horse standing at shoulder with measure wire in place.________

C. Picture of Wire Measurement Trace. _______ (wire is traced underside of the curve, the measurement is taken 3