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We are offering 360 degree views of some of our saddles. Click here to see the first offerings.

You can search by style of saddle. But, before you look at the styles, VIEW THIS 6 MINUTE VIDEO!. It's probably the most important piece of the puzzle for you to find. Larry Whitesell's observation is truly an eye opener.

***GREAT NEWS! All saddles from this point on will be made with STAINLESS STEEL hardware. 

*** Super Deals Available at the Bargain Barn.***

We are also going to start using color swatches for you to choose your choice of color. Here is the link to that image: Color Choice You choose by number. Please know that leather is a medium where color is not an exact science. Often, the color of the "new" leather will be different from the same "aged" leather over the years. These are hand made saddles, not factory made, assembly line saddles. If the color is the most important thing, you may be disappointed, but it is how it fits that is most important. 

All saddles come with stirrups, cinch/girth and straps. 

Cruppers and breast collars are extra and can be seen under accessories. 

WE USE WOOD FOR THE TREES, QUALITY TANNED LEATHER, HEAVY ALUMINUM STIRRUPS. All of our saddles are made with rigid trees of wood, wrapped in rawhide. We do not have "flex" trees. 

We supply nylon straps with our saddles. If you want leather straps, that is an upgrade: You can now order LEATHER STRAPS for rigging your saddle instead of nylon. Click here to see an example.
ONLY $88. Black or Brown.

PAYMENT: In addition to personal checks and money orders, we also accept these payment methods:

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Click HERE to see examples of the TYPE OF TREE we make for our saddles.

Our saddles are guaranteed for THREE years if saddle is defective. (the saddle must be well maintained, any signs of abuse or negelct in the care of the saddle will void the warranty)

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Our seats are padded with 1 inch of high density memory foam. The underneath of our saddles are padded with high density foam and normally covered in leather (you can specify smooth or rough out leather). If you want to upgrade to real sheep skin or 100% wool felt under your saddle, there will be an extra cost of $120. You can check that option on your order sheet.

All of our saddles are constructed on hand-made trees. See Pictures. The height of our cantle is about 4 inches, (measured straight up from the bottom of the seat, before padding is added). See Picture.

We also offer non gaited / trotting horse trees. (QH, Arab, Gypsy Vanner....etc.) These saddles are made with a twist in the tree to follow the conformation of the trotting horse back.

All of our saddles are made from excellent, High Quality Colombian leather. All of our saddles are made with leather that is oiled and supple.

Sycamore Creek Saddles